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Several key people are responsible for the Studebaker Avanti and Post-Studebaker Avanti model's creation and continued success. The inspiration belongs to Studebaker president Sherwood Egbert. Supervision of the design team members was the work of Raymond Loewy. Engineering and performance were done by Gene Hardig and Andy Granatelli. Rescue of the prematurely discontinued Studebaker Avanti as the Avanti II was accomplished by Nathan Altman. Stephen Blake, Michael Kelly, John J. Cafaro, and Jim Bunting extended the Avanti legacy into the eighties, nineties, and the new century.
Avanti Design Team
John Ebstein, Raymond Loewy, Robert Andrews and Tom Kellogg.
Loewy and Egbert
Sherwood Egbert (seated) and Raymond Loewy (front) posing with two 63 Studebaker Avanti models.
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