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In 1986, a new leader took up the Avanti dream. Michael E. Kelly formed the New Avanti Motor Corporation to carry on the tradition he had come to cherish since his first introduction to the classic motorcar. In Avanti, Kelly saw the personification of precision and detail. An outspoken advocate of excellence in all its forms, Kelly's passion is best described in his own words, ". . . where excellence is concerned, there can be no compromise. We are clearly committed to handcrafting the finest motorcar in all the world." The best looking thing on wheels' was back in production again. It still looked new almost a quarter of a century after its debut. Kelly appeared on the cover of Indiana Business magazine in the summer of 1986. Kelly had plans to feature the car on 17 million pieces of Amoco literature and as part of Sheraton Hotels' brochures and mailers. Kelly returned to the Avanti saga as chairman of the new Avanti Motor Corporation in 2000.
Legacy Brochure Cover
The Legacy Continues brochure.
Legacy Brochure
The Legacy Brochure includes the Luxury Sport Coupe.
2001 Model Avanti Convertible
Avanti 2001: An Automotive Oydssey.
2001 Model Avanti Coupe
2001 Avanti Coupe.
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