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Promoting the 1989 Post-Studebaker Avanti - In 1989 Avantis appeared on the TV game show Wheel of Fortune. Newsweek magazine covered the event and called it Buffing Up An Old Classic. The decades-old design still looked as new as anything on the road and the shiny red convertible captured almost as much attention as Vanna White. The vehicle was one of the show's most sought-after prizes. The newsweek article shows John J. Cafaro with one of the red convertibles. Cafaro also produced a four door model based on designs by Raymond Loewy.

Four Door Newsweek
Cafaro in Newsweek
Avanti Motor Corporation Avanti II promotional brochure.
Newsweek Article
Buffing Up an Old Classic article.
Butler Institute
Avanti convertible photographed inside the Butler Institute Art Gallery.
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