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Avanti II – Enter a world of limitless time. As each body is created, a chassis is being built-up . . . with every component assembled and added by hand, for it is the hands of man, that make the difference. Power tools and automation cannot duplicate the concern for detail that is transmitted from the mind of man, to his fingertips. Picture if you will, 114 fiberglass components, assembled with such care that it will take some ninety hours to prepare a raw body for painting. Once prepared, ten coats of lacquer, with hand sanding between each coat, is applied . . . producing a body so perfect, it is impossible to tell it from steel. As hands lift and mate body to chassis, others are preparing the interior appointments. Underfoot, one may select from the finest in decorator carpeting, both "shag" and "plush." Glove soft leathers, imported suedes, the finest in fabrics, wools and luxurious crushed velvets . . . assembled from the four corners of the world, are being cut and hand sewn, producing the last word in interior design. Upon completion, each Avanti II is water-tested and broken-in at the factory, until the finished product is as perfect as the hands of man can make it. In a world where sameness is a way of life, Avanti II is a masterpiece . . . a limited addition, produced each year for a handful of individuals . . . men and women that appreciate the ultimate in "the state of the motoring art." Words cannot describe or do justice to the "experience" that awaits the fortunate few that will make this, their year to enter Avanti's world!
"Avanti II . . . sophistication in motion. The Rolls Royce of the sports car world." - Quality Magazine

"Getting it right means that some 1,000 hours of labor go into each car, as opposed to 65 to 100 hours embodied in the conventional Detroit product." - Newsweek Magazine

"Someone should tell Nate Altman that he is doing it all wrong. That it is impossible for anyone to be hand-building sinfully exciting automobiles in this sterile age of mass production.: - Gallery Magazine

"If it takes 20 minutes or 2 hours for one task, that is how long it takes. Try it in Detroit and you would be thrown out as a reactionary. Anything that isn't perfect is fixed or replaced." - Motor Trend Magazine

"Some people in South Bend, Indiana still think Nathan D. Altman is crazy. He has resurrected a ghost car, a loser before its death, and turned it into one of the world's most desirable automobiles." - Esquire Magazine

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