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"Car of The Future" an article written by Studebaker Avanti designer Raymond Loewy in 1950 for Science and Mechanics Magazine. Excerpt: There is unlikely to be any sudden or sharp alteration of line. What we, in the styling department of Studebaker and the workrooms of Raymond Loewy Associates, have in mind is automotive design that expresses motion, even when the vehicle is at a standstill, with lines suggesting the eagerness of the machine to travel fast and far. That is the basic thought behind the car appearing on the cover of this magazine, and in the drawing shown inside. This particular design would have a special appeal for the sportsman, the youthful-minded, the fresh air enthusiast - each representing a segment of tomorrow's "rocket age" population - because it invites the individual to get behind the wheel and head for the broad, high-speed highways for which construction plans already are drawn. Read the article
1950 Science & Mechanics
Science and Mechanics Car of The Future cover.
Car of The Future Article
Raymond Loewy's Car of The Future article.
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