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Raymond Loewy: Designs for a Consumer Culture, premiered at the Hagley Museum and Library in 2002 and was later displayed at museums around the country. The initial section covered Loewy's early years, from his childhood through his World War I service. Subsequent sections detailled his work as an advertising illustrator, his earliest industrial design efforts, and the designs he produced while a consultant for the Pennsylvania Railroad. A section dedicated solely to Loewy's transportation designs, included his work for Greyhound, Studebaker, United Airlines, and the Panama Line of Cruise ships. Additional segments covered Loewy's architectural and interior designs; work for the United States government, including NASA Skylab and the John F. Kennedy memorial stamp; his Shell Oil corporate identity program; and the designs he did for the Russian government. Samples from the exhibit
Designs For A Consumer Culture
Loewy on Time CoverLoewy appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in 1949.
Aviation Corporation Kitchen
Aviation Corporation metal units for a postwar kitchen.
Railroad Car Lounge
1947 Bar Lounge Car for the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Kennedy Stamp
Loewy designed the Kennedy memorial stamp.
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