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The Studebaker National Museum's facility opened in October 2005 in South Bend, Indiana. The design of the facility is reminiscent of former Studebaker buildings built in the 1920s and 1930s, and blends in nicely with the architecture and design elements of the surrounding neighborhood. The museum displays a variety of vehicles produced by the Studebaker Corporation. The collection focuses on the century-long history of the Studebaker Corporation's wagons, cars, trucks, military vehicles, and carriages and includes more than 70 vehicles and numerous photos and displays as well as a huge archive of photos and documents not on display. Among the many highlights of the exhibit are several Studebaker Avanti models. The museum is located at 201 South Chapin Street, South Bend, Indiana. Studebaker National Museum
Studebaker National Museum Building
The Studebaker National Museum building in South Bend, Indiana.
Studebaker Lark Sign
Neon Lark sign in the museum entrance hall.
Sceptre Prototype
Studebaker Sceptre prototype from the early sixties.
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