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The Avanti Art Gallery is a collection of “Electronic Art” created in Photoshop using photo editing techniques. The process adds canvas, mat board and frames to selected photographic images that have had various filters applied to attain artistic effects. Studebaker Avanti automobiles and later Avanti models are often exhibited at museums and galleries as works of art or as objects of historic significance to industrial design. This collection includes paintings, drawings and photographs of the Avanti as well as Studebakers and related automotive subjects. Open the Avanti Art Gallery
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Tucker Print
White Avanti in a shady glen with sunlight in the background.
Detail Gold
1963 Avanti close-up detail.
Old Studebaker
1963 Studebaker Avanti parked in front of a convenience store.
Courtyard Bronze
"Courtyard Bronze", Bronze Avanti in private courtyard.
Glow Space
"Glow Space", Avanti II in private parking space.

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