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Below are the the back and front of a Studebaker dealer postcard from the Avanti era. This card features the 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk. The photograph at bottom left shows a Studebaker Avanti parked in front of a modern residence where people are gathered in evening dress. The setting could be inside a studio, but is more likely a private house in Palm Springs, California. The car shown is probably painted Avanti Gold. The photographn at bottom, right was created as part of Studebaker's Avanti advertising campaign.
Postcard Mailing Side
Studebaker postcard mailing side.
GT Hawk Postcard
1964 Studebaker GT Hawk postcard.
Palm Springs Postcard
The figure at the far right is Raymond Loewy and to his right with hand on the door frame is Sherwood Egbert.
Studebaker Avanti Postcard
This car, like others used in the ads, was dramatically lit from inside the passenger compartment.
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