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Jim Bunting, the originator of the AVX project commissioned Avanti designer Tom Kellogg to come up with a unique, two-passenger Studebaker Avanti. A number of Avanti designers have drawn two-passenger versions of the Avanti, including Tom Kellogg and Bob Andrews (members of the original Avanti design team) and Bob Doehler, of the Studebaker design department. Bunting liked Kellogg's design the most and decided to build it. He started with a beat-up 1963 R2. Bunting and his crew sectioned about 7-1/2 inches out of the middle of the Avanti, from both the frame and the body. They then reconfigured the body to match Kellogg's drawing, and painted the car factory turquoise. Kellogg also designed the interior which has some nifty compartments and is trimmed in chrome and fawn. AVX 4-Passenger Coupe
Two-passenger Coupe
Two-passenger Sketches
Tom Kellogg's sketches of the 2-seater interior.
Two-passenger Diagram
Tom Kellogg's rendering of the 2-seater configuration.
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